About Me

Me and Ruby2

Hey everyone!  This is me, and this is one of my babies.  If you are reading this it is probably because you found my site on cooking, and were wondering who this crazy “Luke” fellow is, that makes a huge variety of foods.

Since you are here, let me give you a quick introduction.  My name is Luke.  I am a husband, father of three, accountant by trade, photographer at heart, and cook by choice.  I haven’t always loved cooking, I think I really started it only around 10 years ago, right before I got married.  My mother insisted I learned how to cook some basic recipes (from scratch and other than Kraft Dinner) so I could eat decent meals every now and then.  I picked it up pretty fast, but that being said, I had watched my brother in the kitchen for years, when he cooked big family meals once or twice a week (my brother is a chef and has his Red Seal).

Over the years I have had to learn quite a few tricks when it comes to cooking, especially substituting ingredients.  For a while I had to cook gluten free, egg free, dairy free (cow) meals for my wife, due to food sensitivities.  Now I have learned to cook dishes that are gluten free, egg free, dairy free (any dairy), soy free, nut free, and shellfish free due to possible food allergies that my youngest may have.  It’s harder than it sounds, as most products have some sort of soy, dairy or gluten in them and they are hard to substitute without sacrificing taste.

The one thing I love most about cooking is making up my own recipes, nothing is better than eating something unique and tasty (when it works out of course).  I prefer to cook Italian style meals but in the end nothing beats something slow roasted on the grill.  You can be sure that all recipes I post are my own, unless I state otherwise.

Anyways, I think this intro is long enough and I won’t keep you from exploring the site.  Feel free to contact me any time with any questions or comments you may have either by email or in the comments section.

Happy Cooking!