The Best of Britain – An Introduction

Half of my ancestry runs deep into Britain.  I have family that has settled for hundreds of years in Northern England and Orkney, Scotland.  The last recipe I posted, Pan Haggerty, is a wonderful British dish packed full of flavor, and is simple to make.  The next couple of recipes I will be posting I will be old family favorites.  I have a few in mind, including Panackelty, Yorkshire Pudding, and Stottie Cake.  These recipes will be posted under the headline of “The Best of Britain”.

All the recipes will be easy to make and will have ingredients that are cheap to buy.  This isn’t because I want to focus on these being ‘easy meals for the rushed’, rather my British ancestors were so extremely poor, the basics were pretty much all they could afford (or afford to steal).  Though their story lives on in me, I want to share part of it with all of you.  That part being the food!

I know there are a ton of British recipes already out there, and even some for the dishes I am going to post.  Believe me when I say I have read of a million different ways to do Yorkshire Puddings!  Unfortunately most never turn out for me so I end up going back to the old family recipe that has never failed.  Not only will adults be able to enjoy these meals, but children will love them too!  All these recipes have been tested and approved by my oldest children (who seem to be very proud of their insanely picky eating).

So that’s all I have to say for now.  I just wanted to do a brief introduction for the next couple of posts!  Stay tuned for The Best of Britain!


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