The Art of Food

Everyone in the world speaks the same language.  That language is FOOD!

There is one thing that unites all people around the world, and that is food.  Regardless of where one goes, there are always new and exciting smells and tastes to partake of.  Not only do these smells and tastes satisfy the body, but they can help one connect to the people around them.

In my travels I have always found that any barrier can be broken by the eating and sharing of delicious food.  I don’t proclaim to be a food connoisseur by any means, but I have found that food is something that brings people, from all walks of life, together for an enjoyable time.

Now I am going to keep this extremely short, because I don’t want to take up much time boring you on my beliefs on the unifying power of food.  Rather I would like you to take the time to explore the site.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be regularly posting the best recipes of 2015 that I have made.  From there I will be continuing to post new and exciting recipes I have discovered (pretty much all from experimentation) for you to enjoy.

Until then!


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